Sep 11, 2010

How to Dress Like Rihanna in “Rude Boy”

It’s amazing how much Rihanna has changed since the first time I heard her. She went from small, hip-hop singer to huge pop sensation in, what, 1 year? That’s a huge jump! She’s also become one of those people that you just run into on the radio, oh, about every 5 minutes or so? Her most popular single at this moment is a new song called “Rude Boy”.  I love the outfits she rocks in this video. When I first watched this video, it immediately left an impression. All the outfits, makeup, and hair in this video must have taken a great amount of time and stylists. How to dress like Rihanna in the "Rude Boy" video:

1. Those graphic leggings by Alexander McQueen (R.I.P.!) litterally symbolize the 80s and 90s. The    geometric print leggings are also available in other colors and you can buy them online for $635.00

Those sunglasses are very retro, aren’t they? They’re from Carrera and you can get them online for $120.00
  Rihanna wears many digital watches in various colors by Timex80 s a bracelet- get one online for 150.00!

The nice blue bustier topis actually a bikini by Lisa Fernandez . You can get online $ 345.00


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