Aug 24, 2010

Five Style Icons Who Influence & Innovate

The one thing that we can all agree upon is that this era in pop culture, there are many celebrity figures who manage to cause a stir. Whether it i sbased upon news worthy topics or on the fashion set, we can never seem to grow tired of what some of our favorite celebrities have to offer. In regards to fashion & celebrities, I’ve personally kept a checklist of some of what could possibly be my top five style icons who influence & innovate.

1.) Amber Rose: Model and former beau of rapper Kanye West made headlines early last year (2009) due to her eclectic sense of style, buzz cut, and statuesque physique. Not only is Amber Rose a knock out, but her ever evolving sense of style keeps us guessing.

2.) Rihanna: Pop-star Rihanna takes number two on the list. What intrigues me most about Rihanna is that she mixes off the runway looks into her wardrobe. From sexy tailored looks straight back to her tomboyish casual wear, Rihanna is definitely a style icon of our time.

3.) Blake Lively: Gossip Girl star Blake Lively always keeps her name & style prevalent. What many Gossip Girl fanatics can appreciate about Blake, is that her look is pretty much always lady-like & super polished.

4.) Chloƫ Sevigny: Fashion Designer / Big Love star Chloƫ Sevigny is one of my personal favorites in regards to style & innovation. Her bohemian style may be too much for some fashion enthusiasts to handle, however Sevigny manages to add some downtown charm to every ensemble.

5.) Mary- Kate Olsen: Designer / Actress Mary- Kate Olsen & her twin sister Ashley have definitely made their mark in the fashion realm with their highly acclaimed brand “The Row”. Mary-Kate Olsen isn’t afraid to step out of bounds with her sense of fashion. And for that reason, we’ve added her as number five on the list.


  1. I love Amber Rose

  2. Love Rihanna Love Amber Rose

  3. Bitch PleaseeeeeeeeeSeptember 4, 2010 at 1:39 PM

    amber rose is whore and she aint that cute