Aug 21, 2010

Ladies: Step ya Nail Game up .......

Let’s flash back to middle school when the girls with the freshest nails were something to admire. Getting the pleasure of going to a salon, picking a color and possibly a design equaled HEAVEN in the life of a prepubescent teen!Now that we Madames are older and more…ahem… sophisticated, a trip to the nail shop is a matter of fact. It doesn’t take much for us to drop a few dollars to keep our nails ’so fresh and so clean.’But of course there are the girls, now women, who still revel in the joys of nail artistry. Technology in the realm of nail cosmetology has expanded so much that lace, rhinestones, gold and even Swarovski crystals can be used to switch up your look.Any celebrity can wear a beautiful dress or rock her hair a certain way, but when it comes to nails, that’s where creativity can be explored to the max.

Caribbean pop princess must have a nail technician in her entourage! Her nails always pop with crystals, lace or whatever else she’s craving at the moment

Kim K.’s nails always have something going on.
From a “#25-B-U-S-H” paint to black on black, s
he definitely enjoys playing with nail looks

Maybe it’s the fly Philly girl in her, but Eve does not play when it comes to her nail game. Our favorite nail style of hers is her “ode to Barack Obama” design


  1. Her nails are dope!!

  2. Rihanna's nail are cute. Love the designs. Wonder where she goes

  3. omg I love RIRI's nails

  4. Kim's are cute too.

  5. Eves hair is cute. Rihanna is rockin the nails girl

  6. Rihannas nails are bangin!!!