Nov 1, 2010

Celebrity Halloween: Who Had The Best Costume?

This year Halloween fell on a Sunday but that didn’t hinder celebs from playing “dress up”, or having an excuse to let out their “inner freak” ^_^.  Ciara and BFF Lala stepped out as Storm from X-Men and A Navy Girl.

Check out a few other celebs

R&B singer Ashanti stepped out in a Leopard costume last night for Heidi Klum’s celebrity Halloween bash at Lavo in New York City.

Coco was a nurse and Ice T, Dr. E Stein

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian’s final outfit, Lil Red Riding Hood…her friend Jonathan as the Big Bad Wolf

Kim Porter as Avatar

Rihanna dressed in white with a skeleton head…

Diddy and his son Christian as Clowns

Shaq dressed in drag as Shaquetta and I am still trying to figure
out what Hoopz costume was.

Dwayne Wade and Gabby Union

Keri Hilson as Big Bird

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