Jan 10, 2011

How Do You Define Urban Fashion?

The New York Times recently profiled Ouigi Theodore, the owner of urban men’s brand Brooklyn Circus: Times writer Alex Williams talked to Ouigi (referred to as the Bearded Dandy of Brooklyn) about his clothing line and how he uses the brand’s sharp aestehtic to offer a new definition of what black street fashion should be Ouigi  said, “Our goal is to refine the image of urban AmericaMy dream is to see guys hanging on the corner in suits.” He continued, “Urban always had a style to it, a swagger… [but it also came with the negative stigma of] overuse of the ‘N’ word, the pants sagging,” he said, “…When I travel overseas, people see the way we dress and say: ‘You guys don’t listen to hip-hop. You’re not urban.’ Yes, we are.”

The Times’ fashion section also has a slide show called, “A New Fashion Image for Urban America”, that shows
Theodore and friends in super preppy Brooklyn Circus duds, playing chess and ironing shirts. One caption says,   “Mr. Theodore’s fashion quest… is to elevate a side of black urban culture that goes beyond the baggy jeans and sneakers that still define hip-hop.”

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