Oct 26, 2010

How To: Style a Pair of High-Top Sneakers

Despite my affinity for heels and wedges, sometimes my feet need a break! Ballet flats and boat shoes certainly make great alternatives, but if you’re like me, you love making a statement (even on your laid-back days).

Once reserved for hipsters or basketball players, high-top sneakers are on their way to making a full-fledged comeback . It took me a little while to figure out how to style these babies — at 5’2”, shoes with no heel and thick ankles can easily make me look stumpy. But I did a bit of research and found out that my new high top sneakers can be stylish and flattering if worn correctly.

Ready to take on the challenge? Read on for secrets to pulling this look off right!

Tips and Tricks for Wearing High-Top Sneakers
  • Make a statement on your lazy days. Most people reserve sneakers for their “blah” days — I know I do! The great thing about high top sneakers is that they push boundaries just enough to make a statement without being over-the-top. Pair them with jeans and a hoodie for an extra kick.
  • To tuck or untuck? Stars like Sam Ronson like to tuck their skinny jeans into their high-top sneakers, whereas Leighton Meester prefers to wear hers with skirts. I think they look cool with a pair of untucked boot cut jeans as well!
  • Scared you’re channeling middle school emo vibes? Don’t worry. As long as you don’t pair your high-tops with neon leggings, a bandana, and Taylor Momsen-inspired makeup, all at the same time, you should be fine.

Outfit Inspiration

Outfit #1: Sporty and Casual

This outfit is perfect for a lazy day at class! Boot-cut or slightly flared jeans go great with high top sneakers — they’ll fall over the sides of the shoe, but leave the front on display. Next, just pull on a hoodie and simple accessories and you’re good to go!

Outfit #2: Classic and Cute

This outfit combines quite a few classic pieces, but is far from boring! Tuck a plain tank top into a black skirt, and throw a denim jacket on top for warmth. Lace up some high-top Converse All-Stars and finish with a cozy knit headband

Outfit #3: Trendy and Daring

This urban-chic outfit is a little daring, so be sure to rock it with lots of confidence! Wear a simple pair of jeggings under a black t-shirt dress, and add an on-trend military jacket. Strap on the loudest pair of sneakers you own, and accessorize with pieces that will make your shoes pop!

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