Oct 17, 2010

Splash Watch: Red Head Rihanna

Rihanna has been discussing her recent style update with has seen her ditch the dark, dominatrix styling from the 'Rated R' campaign in favour of bright and happy clothes as well as a bright red new hairdo.
Speaking to Capital FM about her decision to change her hair colour, Rihanna said: "Redheads have the most fun! And redheads have the most work too. I get bored quickly, but right now I'm loving my hair and I'll probably change it up really soon.

"Probably the cut or the style, probably not the colour though because you have to be really careful with changing your colour so often."
The singer, who releases her new album 'Loud' next month is also quoted as saying: "It’s kind of like the closing to that chapter, and now we’re in a new stage.

"The whole shoulder pad thing, and the architectural look, is so sharp-edged and tough. I'm over that. I like floral prints now".

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  1. I love Riri's hair and that dress!!