Oct 16, 2010

The Trash-Lux Glam of Kate Moss

The reason, or rather one of the many reasons, I love Kate Moss, is her own personal style, that she wears when off duty, but also brings to any shoot. I call it, the trash-lux glam.

There’s something about Moss, that doesn’t lend itself completely to luxury. It’s not that she doesn’t “clean up nicely”, but it is as if she doesn’t clean up all the way. No matter how much fur, how much makeup, diamonds and what not, there’s a rebel, a free spirit under it all, and that free spirit is trashy, in the good sense of the word.

Trashy like a good John Waters flick. Trashy like that Glastonbury mud, sticking to her high boots, in that captivating image of her in tiny shorts and silvery knit top which sent me all over the world looking until, unsurprised, I found a similar top for $5 in a flea market.

Because the spirit of Kate Moss is not about how much it costs, but rather about how you wear it. And the magic is way beyond wearing something cheap as if it were expensive, it’s wearing something expensive as if it were cheap. And that is exciting. That is rebellious. That calls for an art of mixing and matching high street with mass production, and luxurious vintage with made in China.

I call you all to give it a go. You’ll find it will liberate you, and make you feel very sexy. Above is my suggestion.
Joseph Magnin Pheasant Hat $19.00

Stripe Khanga Full Skirt

 Riley Print Stiletto

Black Patent Leather Oversized Clutch $25.00

Black lace Leggings by Tot.. $ 40.00

Embellished Silk Topper $ 89.00

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