Oct 9, 2010

Kanye West’s New Stylist – 19 Year Old Yale Dropout

One day you’re a regular college student, and the next, you’re traveling the world as Kanye West’s stylist. It’s amazing how the stars align…

Kanye was shopping at Barney’s this summer when he spotted a 19 Year old Yale sophomore by the name of Cassius Clay wearing a unique pair of shoes. He liked the shoes so much that he tapped the guy on the shoulder and complimented him on his style. The two talks for a half hour about a range of topics and Kanye revealed he was trying to re-invent himself after the Taylor Swift Fiasco. They then exchanged info and Cassius worked with him on a few projects before Kanye later asked him if he could leave school to be his confidant and personal stylist.

According to the NY Post, Cassius took advantage of the opportunity and left Yale.
According to friends of Cassius, he was known for his unique style game on Yale’s campus. He would come to class decked out in “Harry Potter glasses, feathered bow ties and Hermes scarves” and instead of a backpack, he carried a $5,000 Hermes Birkin bag.
Since Kanye has asked him to join his team, he has made his twitter account private and has unfollowed all of his friends on twitter. He’s also been hard at work dyeing Kanye’s pants red and dressing him for television appearances, shows and events.

A few weeks ago, Clay stopped by Phillip Lim’s showroom in New York and picked out a woman’s jacket for Kanye. “The staff thought he was nuts,” says his gal pal from Andover. Then Kanye walked in. He loved it and requested that a man’s version be made.
“They’re both very similar. I can absolutely see how they can get along extremely well,” the anonymous friend says. “Or they might each be too big of a diva that it can go either way,” she adds with a laugh.
Also the day after Kanye met Clay, he signed up to collaborate with Stubbs and Wootton, the designer of Cassius’s shoes. The company will create a Kanye West crested shoe which will be available this spring.

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UPDATE: According to friends, Clay’s only taking a semester or a year leave, which would enable him to return to Yale next year.

Via: NY Post & Ivy Gate


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