Oct 29, 2010

Rock Double Denim

Wearing double denim is a horrifying concept to many. However, put those mental images aside, because wearing denim on denim can look really fashion forward — all it takes is a little creative styling. Double denim is a comfortable, class-appropriate trend to rock, and you probably already own the pieces needed to recreate this look!

Ready to take on the challenge? Read on for tips on how to make this trend work in the real world!


Tips & Tricks for Pulling off Double Denim

  • Use different shades of denim to break up your outfit. Try dark jeans with a light chambray top, or a denim top with black jeans.
  • Try it with accessories. A denim bag or headband with a pair of jeans is an easy way to rock this trend
  • Avoid looking costumey by shying away from anything western. If a costumey look isn’t what you’re after, skip pairing this look with cowboy boots, huge belt buckles, fringe, etc.
  • Pair it with something feminine. A pretty headband, blingy earrings, floral print, and girly shoes will break up the industrial look of double denim.
  • Be careful with 80s styling. Slap bracelets, fingerless gloves, crimped hair, or anything bedazzled can make denim on denim look dated.

Outfit Ideas for Rocking Double Denim

Outfit #1: Chambray Shirt and Jeggings

Outfit #2: Distressed Jeans and a Vest

Outfit #3: Black Jeans and Denim Jacket

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